Heels Are Coming Back!

torridge red

Is anyone else ready for the great comeback of 2021?! After months of being in lockdown, we’d be ready to attend the opening of an envelope at this stage! We’re only dying to get an invite to an event or an occasion. And the ones we used to dread now seem like the best craic ever! Summer 2021 and normal life, where we can actually make plans, can’t come quick enough! 

And of course, with any event, comes a little bit of glam! Dress on, gorgeous heels, hair done, make up on – we can’t wait!

One of our favourite heels are the Kate Appleby Torridge. We love them! Available in loads of different colours and an excellent price point. Definitely, one to look for! Or if you’re looking for a statement shoe to add character and pizzaz to any outfit, check out the Kate Appleby Wealdon! This style works well with jeans, culottes, skirts & dresses. And check out our fab Una Healy range – shoes that go with everything!

Now, if your feet just aren’t ready for a heel just yet, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We have the most amazing wedges, which are perfect for summer! Wedged-heeled shoes enable you to enjoy the benefits of high heels, but without tormenting your feet. We’ve spent a lot of time in trainers over the last year, you might need to ease yourself in! 

Whatever event you’re attending, we’ve got you covered! And if you’re totally undecided, take advantage of our personal shopping section on the site. Fill out the form, send us your outfit and we’ll give you the best options we have! We can’t wait to get you all glammed up for the great comeback of 2021!!!!

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